This Internship Pays Right?

Internships are the first stepping stone to figuring out your career (or so I’m told) and this Friday my college had a Job &Internship Fair.

If I were to explain what these fairs are like, it’s basically over a hundred students in business attire lining up in front of booths to talk with company recruiters. Then once you’ve finally got to the front of the line, you shake their hand (firm, but not too firm) and ask them some questions to get started (which the hundred students before you probably asked already). Sometimes it even turns into a mini interview.

After that it can go 3 ways:

1.They actually take one of the 25 resumes you printed in the library that morning and hand you their card

2. You find out that you’re not really the candidate they’re looking for (better luck next year) and they hand you a pamphlet

3. You had no idea what the company was about and halfway through they’re explanation you find yourself mentally crossing them off your list, but at least you get the random swag they offer (is that a fountain pen?)

No matter the outcome, you’ve spend a few hours walking around, your feet hurt, and internally you’re berating yourself for some imaginery faux pas you assume you committed during 90% of your interactions (or is that last one just me?)

Now as a junior in college, I’m more likely to be eligible for these internships and that should make me happy. For all intents and purposes, finally getting recruiter attention rather than being told to come back in a year should have me smiling and confident. Somehow my brain missed the memo.

Now I’ve got so many options, my brain is going into overdrive. Which internship is in another city? How much am I getting? Are they sure I’m the right kind of candidate? How competitive is the pool of applicants? Which recruiter wanted me to email them again?

When times like these arise it’s easy to wrap up in a blanket and shut off your thoughts with tv marathons and Tumblr reblogs, but the thing about growing up is….If you want it, you’ve gotta go out and get it. There’s no one to hold your hand and help you get it done and those recruiters aren’t going to remember you if you can’t even apply to the internship.

Personally, I’m a chronic procrastinator, but I’m also an ambitious girl looking to build a career.What we want now and what we want for ourselves later can clash in messy ways, but ultimately you decide your fate (yeah that sounds pretty dramatic, but it’s still true!)

You can speak to your academic adviser, your best friend, your mom, and your Tumblr followers; at the end of the day it has to be your decision if anything gets done.

And besides, I for one didn’t get dressed in a new suit and spend my Friday evening standing for hours while practicing my elevator pitch in my head, only to go home with a bunch of offers and sleep until the deadlines pass.

Transitioning into the adult world is hard and it make you question you’ve never had to consider before, but take a deep breath and know that you don’t have to be perfect to succeed. Everyone’s been overwhelmed at some point in their lives, probably over the same thing as you, so don’t think you’re alone in it. The only difference between you and another person in the position you dream of is the courage to take a leap in a new direction.


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