What Would Gordon Ramsey Do?


Sitting at home and watching cooking shows for 3 hours can either make you really ambitious or really hungry (actually maybe both).

Images of fancy foods fill the mind and in an inspired move, you may decide to make your way to the kitchen. After all, the chef on TV was just showing a “low-fat, super tasty, super simple” dish that shouldn’t be to hard to replicate…right? And after watching Gordon Ramsey yell at enough people, you can rationalize that you’d never make the same huge mistakes (honestly how hard is it to preheat the oven, season the beef, and leave the sugar to caramelize).

However, once you dig through the cabinets and tell yourself that macaroni and cheese is low cost equivalent to rigatoni pasta fresh from Italy, you might start to feel a little unprepared. There are plenty of people that really take to cooking and have a blast trying recipes and pairing them with the perfect wine. For the rest of us however?…there’s a bit of a learning curve.

I personally can make a great dinner from frozen chicken nuggets and mac and cheese from the box, but when you get down to it that isn’t very healthy or appetizing after the third time in one week. Instead of feeling embarrassed about this fact I’m taking a more positive route. Not everyone in the world is a great cook straight away, in fact most people will tell you cooking is more of an art form and skills are typically learned over time. So you put 1 1/2 cups of milk instead of the designates teaspoon? At least you’re trying and will have a better idea of what you’re doing next time!


There’s no shame in starting simple and working your way up to the big leagues. By the way, all those complex recipes written in french were created by someone like you, someone in a kitchen who decided to try something new. The thing about cooking is…Even if you don’t want to learn it, you’ll be dependent on the people that know how. If that’s the route you want to take that’s fine, but a little autonomy in the kitchen can go a long way when you’re home alone and “there’s nothing in the fridge”.

I for one am taking the slow-but-steady approach. Cooking seems like a daunting and intimidating thing for me initially (being close to open flame can be nerve-wracking and that oil gets pretty hot), but that doesn’t mean I wont try. I’ve got an electric stove and access to YouTube that’s good enough incentive for me!

But first I should probably go grocery shopping…


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