Who Wants To Binge Watch ‘Scandal’ With Me?


There’s nothing like watching other people deal with high-stakes, high-stressed, highly romantic situations that helps put life into perspective. I don’t know about you, but seeing Olivia Pope or some other TV persona deal with all the random sordid events that pop up in their fictional lives helps me feel a little better when I’m stressing with my own issues.

Stress is a powerful adversary to the average human, and sometimes is best handled by taking a step back and a deep breath. Getting away from the thing or person stressing you can be the first major step in surviving stress and keeping your sanity. However, don’t think that walking away erases the issue!

You could have 5 different projects at one: one for work, 3 for school, and a personal engagement you try to cram in too. The need to step back and take a moment to reconvene the sense is understandable and encouraged, but the thing about life is… Those projects don’t disappear when you do. And after a night of ice-cream and bad movies, it’s time to turn your phone back on and open your emails. 

Sometimes things can pile up to unimaginable levels, and you’ll find your self way in a worse situation than you started with. The desire to push it away and plead ignorance can be strong at times, but life is all about the things we do when we don’t want to. Those tough decisions and daunting tasks are opportunities to put yourself out there and succeed! The feeling of sitting back in accomplishment is a thousand times better than the momentary bliss of laying in a blanket burrito for a week straight. You’ll be so proud of yourself for it and those around you will be happy too (there’s no one else that can write a business proposal like you; your company will be lost without you!)

The wants of now should never impede your success in the future. Stay strong, take a breath, maybe even stay in for a day, but don’t forget to dust yourself off and push yourself forward. You’ve got this!



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