So It’s A Date?


Romance is out and kissy-face emojis are in.

Being part of the ever interactive “selfie generation”, I’ve noticed a few things about what it means to be single and looking for “love”. One of the main things is that dating and texting can essentially mean the same thing.


Here’s a scenario: You meet a person once, but keep in contact through texts each day. When you guys met it was a party, concert, or some other social gathering but since then you haven’t seen each other. But those little messages to each ther continue day in and day out….So now what? You know this person’s job and their daily routine, they’ve told you stories about their life and the people in them…But does that mean they like you or are you just a friend? Does it mean that when he asks to “chill” once day soon they’re expecting something different from you? What if when you see each other away from all those other friends, you realize you have nothing in common? Sounds confusing and risky- better hold off on the meeting and stick to texting, right?

This is a commonplace example of dating culture today. Lots of times it becomes a game of chicken where you’re both trying to out-flirt the other person and trying to seem more aloof and uninterested than them (After all, who actually texts back right away? Better set the alarm on your phone to 2 hours from now). But at the end of the day you see the screen and not the person, so you build it up in your head or panic for days on end before getting to see them again (or if online dating, seeing them for the first time).

But you know all these things about them now: they’re favorite color, they’re favorite band, how often they go to Chipotle… So why does the idea of seeing them face-to-face become this huge daunting event that you feel is going to be more doomed than fated? Could it be that our need to be so plugged in and so “informed” creates a barrier to the human experience?


It stands to reason that, just as the concept of chivalry has changed in the public eye, so has dating and romance. It may not be “dead” but it sure is showing signs of entering a sad state. This isn’t to say that people are uncaring robots only looking for self-gratification in the form of one-night-stands and sexting, but it’s important to note a cultural shift in the way people relate and “woo” one another.

Now, there’s a shift from physical to digital, from spoken to typed. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing! I mean cavemen probably only grunted monosyllables and clubbed a wildcat to prove their worth to their intended, so at least we’re more socially developed than that (right?)

There’s no telling if the trend is here to stay and whose to say this new way of romance won’t lead to great things for single people everywhere? Dating apps and social networks have brought tons of people together successfully and in coming years the number of people who get married because if a match on Tinder could reach all time highs; you never know– Nothing is written in stone (just on the internet).



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