A Golden Key for Me?

Gold key over white

Daily Prompt: You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why?

I spent a good while trying to come up with an answer to this and looking at some of the responses already made to this prompt. Using the key to get into a bank or to a room full of final exam answers were among my favorites; however, if I were to go into a place like Fort Knox and take the money, I’m sure some FBI types would come knocking down my door after seeing me on a secret camera or by finding my fingerprint in the room. The key doesn’t necessarily give you permission–just access. For me I think I’d use it to get in a room with a powerful business type or influential person.

Now I realize that could potentially raise a few red flags and the person might be more inclined to call security than offer me a cup of tea, but after I plead my case maybe they’d hear out. If there’s one thing I’m getting seriously desperate for, it’s a paying internship. What would be even better? A paying job to get my foot in the door. And lets be honest, the person looking at your resume isn’t gonna be Bill Gates or Richard Branson in a normal circumstance. But in my head, I have on an awesome pants suit, a confident smile on my face, and a rehearsed pitch to win them over and get me a spot in the fast-paced, super rewarding (and high paying) job of my dreams! The idea of working with some of the sharpest or creative minds in the world would be something no one could ignore on a resume after all.

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Golden Key


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